Yoga Classes in January - Ongoing

Christmas Greetings to All - hope you're happily digesting your Christmas feasts !

Just wanted to check in and see if everyone who was at the retreat is managing to keep up with their meditation, yoga and checking their business or personal issues using 'the book'

Please feel free to drop us an email here with any queries you have (

Also, I've set up some yoga classes if you'd like to come and practice in a bit more of a structured way.

1. Diamond Flow (Beginners) - in English
This is what we learned at the retreat. If you've always wanted to get started with yoga but weren't sure how, this is the perfect series to get you going.

When: Sunday 3 jan, 10 Jan, 17 jan, 24 Jan, 31 Jan.
Where: Oasis Yoga, Blk 10 Selegie Rd, Selegie House #01-50 (
Time: 1.30-2.45pm
Cost: $10.00 per class

2. Tibetan Heart Yoga Series 3 - the 4 Immeasureable Thoughts (intermediate) - English with Mandarin Translation
This is a beautiful yoga series where we send out thoughts of love, compassion, and joy to all beings while we do the yoga asanas.

When: Sunday 3rd jan, 10 Jan, 17 Jan, 24 Jan, 31 Jan
Where: Eng Teng Association, 132 Neil Rd, Tanjong Pagar
( 8&q=map+132+Neil+Rd+singapore&fb=1&hnear=132+Neil+Rd+singapore&cid=4332818188503364098)
Time: 10.00am - 11.30pm
Cost: $10.00 per class for non-members

3. Tibetan Heart Yoga Series 5 Practice Session (upper intermediate) - Offering to the Teacher
This series features an almost dance-like flow of asanas made as an offering to your teacher. It's one of the more advanced series, so some experience with yoga is recommended.

Where: Botanic Gardens
When: Saturday 2 Jan, 9 Jan, 16 Jan, 23 Jan 30 Jan
Time - 5- 6.30pm
Cost; Free
** if you'd like to come to this practice session, please ask me about specific directions for getting there :)

And starting on 9 Jan
Diamond Flow (Beginners) - in English with Mandarin Translation
Where: Eng Teng Association, 132 Neil Rd, Tanjong Pagar
When; Saturday 9 Jan, 16 Jan, 23 Jan, 30 Jan
Time: 10.00am - 11.30am
Cost: $10.00 per class for non-members

Fees charged for the yoga classes will be used in the following ways:
- to pay for renting the rooms used
- to support the Asian Classics Input Project which preserves endangered texts
- to go towards my remaining 2 journeys to Diamond Mountain University.

Please let me know if you intend to come to any of the classes, and feel free to call if you have any questions.

I hope that 2010 brings you a deeper and deeper understanding of the pen thing :)

Best wishes

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Venerable Marut returns to Singapore January 2010 - Completed

In January 2010, Venerable Sumati Marut returns to Singapore for a week-long series of events and talks. This is a great opportunity to meet or re-connect with this warm and insightful spiritual master.

* THE YOGA OF THE BODY, MIND AND HEART: Lord Krishna's Advices on How to Live the Good Life
The Bhagavad Gita is one of the most important philosophical scriptures of the world, ranking in comparison to The Bible and The Koran. The content of this classic work is a conversation that takes place between a warrior prince, Arjuna, and his chariot driver and guide, Krishna, on a battlefield right before the beginning of a climactic war. Arjuna, filled with doubt and the realization that his enemies are in fact his family and loved ones, turns to Krishna, who in fact is the divine spirit in human form, for advice. What follows is a download of eternal wisdom that has the ability to inspire any woman or man to fulfill their own supreme accomplishment.

This five-class weekend aims to ‘yogafy’ one’s actions (karma yoga), minds (jnana yoga) and hearts (bhakti yoga). With philosophy teachings and guided meditations, Ven. Marut will lead students through the three yogas of discipline, wisdom and devotion found in this classic yogic text.

Cindy Lee will guide heart and mind opening asana classes inspired by Tibetan Heart Yoga, integrated with meditations on the essential ideas presented in Ven, Marut’s classes. Using inner and outer methods, these will help fire up your daily yoga practice.

When: January 15 (7:30-9:30PM), January 16-17 (afternoon 1:00-5:30PM)
Location and Sponsor: Pure Yoga (Ngee Ann City, Tower A, 18/F)
Fees and registration: Contact Pure Yoga at 6733 8863

In his seminal work, The Guide to the Bodhisattva's Way of Life, Master Shantideva lays out six perfections that form a radiant bridge from suffering to happiness. In these talks, Venerable Marut will illuminate the fourth perfection of joyful effort, offering us practical steps to true and lasting happiness.

When: January 18-19 at 7:30-9:30PM
Fees: By Donation
Location: Oasis Holistic, #01-50 Selegie House, 10 Selegie Rd (Nearest MRT: Little India)
Free Parking: Mackenzie Rd (Public Car Park next to movie theater)
Pre-register: 9138 5438 or

Well-known in the yoga world, the Sanskrit term jivamukti can be translated as "liberated in this lifetime." Drawing from Hindu, Buddhist and other sacred texts, Venerable Marut will bring to light the personal traits and lifestyle of a truly liberated person. Using this model, these teachings will explore how to live the perfect life, here and now.

When: January 20-21 at 7:30-9:30PM
Fees: By Donation
Location: Oasis Holistic, #01-50 Selegie House, 10 Selegie Rd (Nearest MRT: Little India)
Free Parking: Mackenzie Rd (Public Car Park next to movie theater)
Pre-register: 9138 5438 or

American monk Venerable Sumati Marut is ordained in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. He serves as a founding Board member of the Yoga Studies Institute, is the Spiritual Director of the Asian Classics Institutes of Los Angeles, California and Cape Ann, Massachusetts and is on the faculty of Diamond Mountain University in Arizona. As a Ph.D. and Professor Emeritus of Comparative Religions, he taught for over twenty years at Columbia University and the University of California, Riverside. He is the author of several scholarly books and translations based on Sanskrit materials.

Venerable Marut’s personal understanding of our modern lifestyle unites with his extensive scriptural knowledge of authentic South Asian traditions to create spiritual teachings uniquely relevant to contemporary times. He is distinguished and adored for his down-to-earth humour, passionate drive, and ability to make even the most esoteric elements of eastern philosophy work as tools for immediate transformation.

Karmic Management - A New Start to 2010 - Ongoing

Start 2010 right as we follow up on Geshe Michael Roach's December 2009 Karmic Management talks. These two sessions of practical tips and ideas will help you put the concept of Karmic Management into practice for your daily life. This will be an open discussion, so please bring all your questions and ideas and get ready to share!

Dates: January 5, 12, and 26th, 2010
Time: 7:30 - 9:00PM
Where: 51B Temple Street (top floor), in Chinatown
Cost: Free! By Donation Only
Discussion Leader: Jaki Fisher
Pre-registration: 9677 9969 or

Ceremony to clean up past negative karma - February 2; Time: 7.00pm - 9.30pm/ Venue: 74A Dunbar Walk (East Coast)