June dharma discussion - "Living a Spiritual Life - Daily, In Retreat, and Over a Lifetime" (June 16, 23, 30) - Completed

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Over the next three Tuesdays (June 16, 23, and 30th), we'll be discussing the practicalities of living a spiritual life, as it applies to the various cycles of time that govern our lives. It helps to start with a macro view, by establishing what we should aim for over the course of an entire lifetime. With that foundation, we can then map out what each day can look like in the context of a lifetime that's devoted to the sacred. Finally, we'll explore how to prepare for and accomplish deep retreats, which are a special and critical part of our lives if we are to make real progress toward our ultimate goals.

As a guide for how we should think about the arc of an entire life, we'll review the text "Source of All My Good" by Je Tsongkapa (1357-1419), as well as The Seven Step Practice For Developing a Good Heart in the Tradition of Geshe Chekawa (1101-1175).

Then, we'll look at a single day within a spritual life, using as a guide Lama Sumati Marut's extensive advices on how to use every hour in a day as a means for living meaningfully. (detailed teachings at www.aci-la.org)

Finally, we'll introduce Lama Thupten Pelma's instructions on how to prepare for and conduct a retreat -- only by withdrawing from the 'noise' of everyday life can we find the deep silence that's so conducive for achieving realizations. (detailed teachings available at: http://www.dmes.org/terms/2004-2005/Fall/CheckingIn )

"Living a Spiritual Life - Daily, In Retreat, and Over a Lifetime"

Pre-Class Meditation: 7.00 - 7.30p

Class Time: 7.30p - 9.15p

Dates: June 16, 23, and 30th (2009)

Venue: 51B Temple Street, 2nd Floor (in Chinatown)

Cost: Free of charge (donations welcome to cover printed materials, and as a gift to venue host) - no registration necessary, feel free to let friends know


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