Dec and Jan Talks by Venerable Sumati Marut

Venerable Sumati Marut, an American monk, is ordained in the Tibetan tradition. As a Ph.D and Professor of Comparative Religions he taught for over 20 years at Columbia University and the University of California. He is a popular teacher in the USA and Canada, distinguished by his humour, extensive scriptural knowledge, and the ability to make ancient wisdom work to transform our modern lives.

(1) Being Happy Here and Now - Completed
18, 19, 22 December 2008
@ 132, Neil Road

(2) The Three Yogas of the Bhagavad Gita: Lord Krishna's Advices on How to Live a Good Life - Completed
21 December 2008
@ The Hindu Centre

(3) Mastering the Inner and Outer Methods: Tibetan Heart Yoga - In progress
20, 21 December 2008
16-19 January 2009
@ Pure Yoga

(4) The Three Principal Paths and Arya Nagarjuna's Wisdom: A Song on the Root of the Middle Way - Upcoming!
20-23 January 2009
@ 132, Neil Road