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The Asian Classics Institute (Singapore) is a local, non-profit, volunteer-supported registered Society (UEN:  T12SS0121G) which runs the Three Jewels study group and community activities grounded in the authentic Asian philosophical traditions. 

We offer dharma classes, meditation, yoga and anything that helps us lead a contented, spiritual life.  Our spiritual guide is Venerable Sumati Marut.

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About Venerable Sumati Marut
Lama Marut has been teaching religion for 25 years. As a Sanskrit scholar and Professor of Comparative Religions, he taught at Columbia University and the University of California, Riverside, where he is Professor Emeritus of Religious Studies. For the past decade, he has been as a popular teacher of Buddhist and yoga philosophy, spirituality, and meditation.

Venerable Marut serves as a founding Board member and Staff Teacher of the Yoga Studies Institute (yogastudiesinstitute.org), a non-profit educational institute that grounds students in the classical tradition of yoga. He is also the founder and Spiritual Director of the Asian Classics Institute of Los Angeles (aci-la.org), ACI-Cape Ann (aci-capeann.org) and ACI-Reno (aci-reno.org).

His unique background and easy, down-to-earth style has attracted thousands of followers around the world of all ages and walks of life who gather to hear his call for a revolution of true and lasting happiness. He uses Western cultural signposts, pop references, and humor to help remove cross-cultural hurdles. A perfect combination of warmth and wit, Lama Marut makes even the most esoteric brain-busters of Eastern philosophy work as practical tools for immediate transformation. Lama Marut pulls no punches in his hardcore presentation of timeless spiritual truths and their profound relevance to our modern Western world. Ruthlessly compassionate, he insists that the goals of the spiritual life are totally realizable – here and now.

His most recent book, A Spiritual Renegade’s Guide to the Good Life, is directed to a general audience and published by Beyond Words in May 2012. In Singapore, it is available at:

(Section A08-02)
391 Orchard Road
#03-09 Ngee Ann City
Takashimaya Shopping Centre
Tel 6737 5021

Oasis Holistic
Block 10 Selegie Road
#01-50 Selegie House
Tel 6442 2881

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