Teachings by Ms Jaki Fisher - Completed

1. Talk: Why Do I need a Lama ?
In Tibetan Buddhism, the importance of the Lama, or Teacher is always stressed as the first step on the Buddhist path, and as the root of all spiritual realisations. The whole idea of the Lama can be weird and jarring to us in the modern world and in this session, we will use Geshe Michael's Roach's presentation on the Magic of Empty Teachers as the basis for a discussion and sharing on this crucial topic. We may not find any definitive answers, but all questions will be considered.
Date: Sat 17 march
Time: 3-5pm
Mr Benny Ong's premises
(60 Robertson Quay, The Quayside, #04-06)

2. Dance Workshop: Sacred Dance for all - even those with 3 left feet
This workshop will consider how dance can be a spiritual practice as vaild and as powerful as meditating on your cushion. We will use ideas from a newly discovered Tibetan sacred dance text written by the first Panchen Lama, Lobsang Chukyi Gyeltsen as the basis for this class and yes, we will get up and experience sacred dance for ourselves. So please bring something comfortable and cool to move in. No dance experience at all is required, just a willingness to try and the motivation to help all beings and ourselves get fully enlightened as fast as possible.
Date: Sunday 18 March
Time: 3-5.30pm

Venue: Cecilia's home (38b Jalan Mat Jambol 02#19 Island View)
Tel 647 555 71

Any enquiries for the above two events, please contact Ms Jaki Fisher directly at lobsangchopel@yahoo.com

Instructor: Ms Jaki Fisher
Jaki, a native of Australia, has completed 18 ACI Formal Study Courses and is currently attending the Tantric courses and doing retreats at Diamond Mountain University in Arizona, USA. She studies closely under Geshe Michael and Christie McNally, and well-known Orissa dancer Asako Takami. Jaki has been teaching yoga, ballet and ACI courses in Singapore and Diamond Mountain University.